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SYSessential IMAP to IMAP Converter Program

A One-Stop Application to Convert IMAP to IMAP Effortlessly & With Top Accuracy

Gmail, Yahoo, and several other server-based email clients support IMAP. The Internet Message Access Protocol or IMAP is a mail protocol that is used for accessing emails on a remote web server from a local client. When it comes to access one IMAP account data to another IMAP account, the best way is to forward the particular email. If you have a bulk of emails to export from one IMAP to the other, the best solution is SYSessential IMAP to IMAP Conversion solution. It is a professionally designed application that enables fast and accurate data migration. The program is straightforward and keeps the data quality intact. The conversion solution carries a single window and each tool is self-descriptive. The program retrieves the whole data accurately and retains the original property. The application gives users full control over its key functions. It is a purely Windows utility. Download the free trial version of the program. It simplifies the conversion results.

The program has the following features:

  • A simple and interactive application to simplify the conversion from one IMAP account to the other
  • The license of the program is valid for an unlimited duration
  • A well-descriptive program needs no technical issues to transfer data
  • Require users to fulfill the authentication form to connect with one account to the other
  • Give users full control over the conversion results to get the desired results every time
  • Transfer the entire folders of the targeted IMAP account data or the selective one
  • Requires users to provide the host and the port details to connect with the particular account
  • It is a self-descriptive program with an interactive interface to export data
  • Save the exported data to the selected or the targeted existing folder of your account
  • Allow users to create a new folder to save the selected IMAP account data
  • Need the fast server connection while transferring the data
  • A very lightweight program needs a few MB of data storage to store in the system
  • Support all the Windows OS including Windows 10/8/8.1/7
  • A well-suitable choice for all types of users including individual and commercial

Convert IMAP to IMAP in the Simplest Way

SYSessential IMAP Conversion program is a straightforward app. It exports data effortlessly and with top accuracy. The license of the application is capable of exporting unlimited data. Before getting its license, download the free trial version of the application on your system. It is the finest way to evaluate the performance of the app.

Follow These Few Easy Steps to Convert IMAP to IMAP

  • Step 1: Download SYSessential IMAP Conversion program

  • Step 2: Provide the host, port, username and password

  • Step 3: Press the authenticate me tab to connect two accounts

  • Step 4:Select the required folder to extract data

  • Step 5:Provide save data location in the system

  • Step 6: Finally press the tab “start transferring”

IMAP to IMAP IMAP Advanced Filter

Needs of Yahoo to Gmail Conversion Software

A Windows Application

It is a Windows program that supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. The application compatibility is excellent. It supports all the modern Windows versions and operates on Windows 32 bit and 64 bit. Since it is a Windows OS dominant tool, make sure Windows is well functional and has no error. If it has any error, fix it before installing the conversion program.

A Lightweight App

It is a very lightweight program that downloads into your system quickly. The utility is so lightweight that it uploads to your system in less than 5 minutes and allows users to export the data at a fast speed. While installing the app, confirm that the processor is at least 1 GHz and the memory power is at least 512 MB of RAM. The standard memory we recommend is 1 GB and the processor of 2.4 GHz. Your hard disk must have 100 MB of free space.

A Lightweight App

SYSessential IMAP Conversion is a free to operate program. In other words, it is an independent tool to operate on your Windows system. The tool doesn’t require pre-installation of any third application to transfer data. It is a Windows dominant app, needs installation of the Windows operating system and activation of the “Run as Administration” program. These are two specific needs of the application to meet the conversion goal. It is a straightforward program.

License for All Types of Users

SYSessential IMAP Conversion tool is available in three suitable versions. Users who are looking to use the app for personal purposes can get their individual license. Users who are looking to use the tool for commercial purposes can get the license of the business and enterprise versions. The business version is for small-sized firms while the enterprise one is for large companies. All contain the same features. They are different in terms of installation.

Exclusive Features of IMAP Conversion Tool


Designed to Convert IMAP to IMAP

SYSessential IMAP Conversion is an IMAP dominant application. It is capable of exporting the data of one IMAP account to the other effortlessly and with top accuracy. The conversion solution allows users to connect any two IMAP accounts to transfer data. The tool gives users full control over its key functions.


Convert Data of Specific IMAP Accounts

SYSessential IMAP Conversion utility needs users’ credentials to connect with the following account. In order to convert a specific IMAP account’s data, the utility needs the host name, the port number, the username, and the password. Finally, it requires users to hit the Authenticate Me tab to transfer data with top accuracy.


Convert Data to Specific IMAP Accounts

The conversion program converts the data from one IMAP account to the other. It requires users to provide the host name, the port number, the username, and the password. Finally, press the tab “authenticate me” to connect with the following account. The utility automatically connects with the targeted account after providing the credentials.


Support Conversion of Specific Folders

The conversion application supports the conversion of entire emails of the selected IMAP account or a specific folder of the account. It can be either inbox, outbox, sent items, trash folder, or any custom folder to get the desired results. It has an Apply Filter tab that needs to activate for data migration. Select the specific folder to transfer data.


Save the Exported Data Automatically

The SYSessential IMAP Conversion program saves the data of one IMAP account to the other. If users have selected “All Folders” to save the converted data, the tool automatically saves the data considering the folder type. For example, the inbox data is saved to the Inbox folder, and the sent item data to the sent item folder.


Save the Exported Data to a Specific Location

With SYSessential IMAP Conversion program, users can save the exported data to the targeted location. After providing the IMAP details and pressing the “Authenticate Me” button, select the targeted folder. It can be any folder of your choice. The exported data can be saved to a new folder.


Compatible with All IMAP Servers

It is an advanced application that is compatible with all IMAP servers. It includes both business and personal IMAP accounts including Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, G Suite, AOL, Rediffmail,, Roundcube, and others. It is a compatible app.


Keep the Original Properties Intact

SYSessential IMAP Converter has been practically assessed for data accuracy. The tool transfers emails along with properties including CC, BCC, To, From, and Attachments. The program is capable of exporting attachments in any format including JPG, PNG, PDF, DOC, and TXT to give an assurance of complete data conversion.


A Single Window Application

SYSessential IMAP Conversion is a user-friendly program. It carries a single window to allow users to export data with top accuracy and at fast speed. The tool itself describes the conversion steps. There are no specific technical skills you need to operate the tool. Even a novice can operate the program individually.


Lifetime License Validity

The program is available with lifetime validity. Whether your intention to purchase the software for personal or commercial purposes, the validity of the program is not going to expire. Users can able to use the tool as long as they want. This is the basic requirement of the app.


A Windows Application

It is a Windows tool, supports the latest Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP, and Vista. It is a Windows dominant program, supports all the Windows versions to transfer data. This is the basic requirement of the app for data conversion.


Free Trial for Everyone

SYSessential requests to install the free version of the app on their Windows system at first. The free version is the best way to assess the ability of the program. The free version is available to install on your Windows 10/8/8.1/7. It helps to practically examine the key features of the program.

Outstanding features of this IMAP to IMAP Converter Tool

Technical Overview

SYSessential IMAP Conversion is a straightforward program. The tool has the capacity of exporting IMAP to IMAP data with top accuracy. It gives users satisfaction with data conversion and enables them to provide faster results. Download the free version of the app on your Windows system.

  • Inputs

    Support to export selective IMAP accounts of Gmail, Yahoo,, and many

  • Output

    Support to save the output in IMAP account of Gmail, Yahoo,, and many

  • It is a user-friendly application that gives users full control over its key functions and gives accurate conversion results. The utility is for all types of users.

Migrate Imap to Imap

Download IMAP to IMAP Converter Tool

Know Minimum System Specifications to Download & Use the App with Ease

Imap migration

Software Download

Size 2.1 MB

Take a Trial -Download the tool to evaluate by application easily IMAP to IMAP Converter Tool

393 Ratings
Trial Limitations
Use the free version of IMAP Mail Migration Tool and analyze the working of the program by migration of first 10 items per folder. For entire data migration, apply for the license version.


Hard Disk Space 500 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64)

Comparison of Trial & Full Version

IMAP to IMAP Converter Tool Free & Full Version comparison are given here for users:

Technical Key Features Free Version Full Version
Limitations 10 items Unlimited
Migrate Emails Between IMAP Servers
Export One IMAP Mailbox to Another
Customized Folder Mapping Facility
Compatible with all IMAP Emails Servers
Availability of Date-based Filter
Migrate Selected Folder
Support Windows 10/8/7/others
Price Free $99

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