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  • Sysessential for OST to PST efficiently convert the OST data to PST format without any trouble
  • It converts entire data of OST to PST format, which include folders like Email, Task, Calenders, Journal, etc.
  • The software allows you to convert OST data in three different formats, that is EML, MSG, and OST.
  • It extracts hundred percent data from the OST mailbox and convert it into PST and other file formats.
  • If you want to recover and convert deleted mail data of OST file, then software allows you to do that.
  • The utility is compatible with various versions of Outlook, namely Outlook 2007, 10, 13 and 2016.
  • The conversion data is done at a higher speed
  • The multiple OST file can be uploaded by users in the wizard to accomplish the conversion of data
  • Filter options are present in the software, which allow you to attempt selective conversion of data from OST to PST format.
  • The provision of preview present in the utility allows you to check the conversion process at the real time
  • The filter options present in the software offer you the ease of doing selective data migration from OST to PST format.

Check Out More features of OST to PST

Convert OST Data To PST Format

The software OST to PST has been designed by the industry experts and it ensures the complete conversion of Outlook OST file to PST format without any hassle. Users can convert OST file data like email content, task folder, contact folder, metadata and other information to PST format easily to access data in Outlook.

Alternative Option For OST File Repair And Save

User when upload the OST file in the software, it scans the complete file and at the same time give an option to to users to save the file, before attempting the conversion. This is a good option for users who want to reuse the same OST file. This will save time as the users do not have to scan the file again

Generate Report After Migration Of Data

After the entire content of Offline OST file is moved to Outlook PST format, the software generates a report that gives brief information to users about the migrated data. The report contains information about the folders that has been migrated, maildata, metadata information, etc and its destination path as well. The user is allowed to save this report at the desired location for the reference purpose.

Preview Option Helps In Screening Of Migration Process

While the software migrate the offline OST file data to PST format, it offers the preview option to users to gauge the entire process. The utility Sysessential for OST to PST give live information about the whole migration process.

Free Version Of The Tool

Software free version is there to inform users about its working capabilities. The free version converts limited number of items from each folder of OST file to PST format.

Export OST Data Both With And Without Outlook

If users do not have Outlook installed in the system and still need to convert the OST file data into PST format then also the software allow users to do that. The OST data will be converted to PST format and allow users to save the file at desired location without any trouble. However, to access the content of PST file, Outlook environment is important.

Software Convert Meta Information

The software has the ability to convert meta information as well. The Meta information like To, CC, Bcc, From, Subject, Time, etc., is important sometime and some users want this information to be saved. The software does not make any alteration in the Meta information and migrate it in exactly the same form.

Selective Migration Option

The software has many filter options, which offer ease to users in selective data migration. To migrate data selectively, user needs to click on the filter option which will enable or disable the migration process of selective data like folders, inbox, sent items, draft, Notes, journals, etc.

Support Maximum Versions Of Outlook

The software supports all versions of Outlook. When the OST data are converted to PST format, users can access the PST file data in various versions of Outlook starting from Outlook 2003 to 2016.

Maintain The Hierarchy Of Folders

In addition to transferring the meta information without any change, this software also maintains the hierarchy of the folders. No changes are done in the folder hierarchy.


There is no restriction present for the OST file. You can import any size of OST file created from any Outlook version in the software and convert it to PST file format. The only condition is – the OST file should remain healthy.
You can upload any length of OST file into the Sysessential for OST to PST and it will convert the data into PST format. The software will convert the data with complete ease and without any fault.
Software ensures complete migration of OST file data into PST format. And it includes those folders as well, which is being created by the users.
One of the features present in the software lets the users scan the OST file, but it does not repair damage file and retain its data. For that you need to use a different tool offered by the developer. This will repair the damage file and then with the help of Sysessential for OST to PST, data could be migrated.
The software could be easily purchased online, the options of checking its features as well as making payment exist online.

Client Testimonials

I am using Sysessential for OST to PST from last two years, and it has amazing performance. The software ensures hundred percent data migration without fail and there remains no data loss. I am extremely satisfied with its performance and recommend it to everyone who need such third party tool.

Mia From United States

When I was travelling and lost the internet connectivity, I created the offline file of Outlook OST and worked on it. It was easy creating that, but when I start converting the OST file data with Outlook, it was a complete distress, I tried everything, but no results. Then, I came to know about the OST to PST convert tool. The software was a true blessing at that point of time. It converted the OST file into PST format, without any data loss and, then I was able to access the file in Outlook.

Brad From Australia

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