Convert PST file to EMLx Product
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  • This is a popular software to convert the PST data into EML format
  • The software converts the entire PST data into the EML format this includes mail data, folders, contacts, attachments, etc.
  • The sysessential for PST to EMLx convert tool while converting the data ensures that, no data is lost during the process.
  • There are filters present in the tool, which allow users to convert desired items only. For e.g. if a user wants to convert PST inbox item exclusively, then he can use the filter option to do that.
  • After conversion of PST data to EMLx format, the software allows users to save file at their desired location.
  • Utility first scans the PST file before attempting the data conversion.
  • This wizard is compatible with Windows Operating System and could be installed on any Window OS.
  • The tool can be used to convert the Outlook PST file created in any version of Outlook to EMLx format without any flaw.
  • The Meta information of email also gets transferred to the new format without any loss. The Meta information include To, CC, BCC, From, subject, attachment, etc.
  • The PST to EMLx convert tool has simple and easy interface, which make it easy for users to use it even in the absence of technical knowledge.

PST to EML Software Features In Brief

Ensure Hundred Percent Data Conversion

The wizard PST to EMLx swiftly convert the data of Outlook PST file to EMLx format to offer ease to users in accessing the PST data and many other mailing applications. The tool is willing to convert all PST data and it includes email data, sent items, folders, contact, meta information, tasks, events, etc

Keep The Format Of Data Intact

While changing the file format of PST file to EMLx format, software keep the data format intact. No changes are done on the content of software in any situation. The email content as well as the folder hierarchy everything remains in the original format.

Non English Content Conversion Also Possible

If the PST file has some Non-English content like Japanese, Chinese or Korean, and software is used to convert the file, then these data also get converted to EMLx format, without loss.

Preview Option Exist

The software has the option of preview, which allow users to do the screening of the conversion process when it convert the PST data into EMLx format.

Selective Conversion Possible

With the help of this superlative software, selective conversion of data is very much possible. There are filter options present in the wizard, which allow the users to convert only those data, which user want to convert.

Attempt Quick Data Conversion

The software quickly converts the data of PST into EMLx format, because of the presence of many new technology features. These features help users in converting data faster and with complete perfection.

Recover Deleted Items

Software scans the PST file before attempting conversion, during this time, it restores the deleted items from the file. Thus, if a user wants to restore and convert the delete email items from the folder, then the software allows them to do so.

Big Size PST File Can Be Transferred

For data conversion, the PST to EMLx tool does not have any size restriction. It is willing to convert the PST file of any length to EMLx format. Furthermore, the file size does not impact the software’s speed of data conversion.

Multiple File Could Be Uploaded

Users can upload more than one PST file in the software at a time to do the conversion. And the software quickly converts all the data to the EMLx format without any hiccup.

Try PST To EMLx Software Free Version

The free version of the software is available for users to try it anytime. The trail version of the tool gives information about the key features of the software to users, though with certain limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The utility has been developed by one of the leading developers, who has many similar products in the market. However, as far as the reliability of this software is concerned, the software is very efficient and the free version of tool is there, which can be used to check its key features as well as various functionalities.
Yes, the developer of software guarantee that no data loss takes place, when the conversion of PST file is done to EMLx format.
If someone has to do the bulk migration of data with the help of this tool, then buying the enterprise version of the wizard is important. Only this will ensure smooth and complete conversion of data.
The interface of the software has been kept the simplest possible by the developer. Moreover, it has the self explanatory features, which makes working with the tool simple.
The round the clock support service of developer is there to offer you required assistance all the time. For any query or concern pertaining to software working, you can get in touch with the support team.

Client Testimonials

This is a wizard on which you can trust blindly, I brought this for my friend when he approached to get some assistance for data conversion. I brought this tool online for him and together we converted all the PST data into EMLx format. Now, he can access the data of PST even in the absence of Outlook environment

Williams from Australia

The most appreciating part of this software is its interface. The software has really simple and friendly interface. Thus, even a technical naïve person like me can work with it conveniently, and convert PST file to EMLx format, without any error or data loss

Monika, Brazil

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