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A One-Stop Application to Convert Yahoo to Gmail, G Suite, and Google Apps Accounts

When it comes to comparing the key functions of Yahoo and Gmail, both support similar features. But G Suite is the advanced version of Gmail and is of unmatched quality. Talking about the security features of Yahoo and Gmail, the winner is Gmail. In 2013, Yahoo reported unauthorized access to more than 3 billion accounts. Later in 2014, more than 500 million accounts were hacked and in 2016, 200 million accounts of Yahoo were sold. On the other hand, Gmail has improved its key functions with time. It has not recorded positive feedbacks. If you have a plan to switch from Yahoo to Gmail, install SYSessential Yahoo to Gmail Converter. It is a one-stop app to export entire Yahoo data to Gmail or G Suite. The application is user-friendly and easy to operate. It doesn’t need technical competency to transfer data. Novice can operate the tool easy to transfer from one cloud to the other. Download the free version of the application today.

The program has the following features:

  • A simple and user-friendly app to transfer Yahoo to Gmail effortlessly and with top accuracy
  • The license of the app enables users to export an unlimited number of emails from Yahoo to Gmail
  • Support to export the data of selective Yahoo account
  • Support to save the exported data to a specific Gmail or G Suite account
  • Connect to the desired account of G Suite/Gmail/Yahoo after providing the correct user’s credentials (username and password)
  • Save the exported data to a default folder or the targeted folder or sub-folder
  • Support advanced file filtration feature by providing the date range
  • Generate preview of the Yahoo account data by displaying the data of each email separately
  • A self-sufficient application doesn’t need pre-installation of any third app to convert data
  • A self-descriptive program with an interactive interface to migrate data
  • Support all the Windows OS including Windows 10/8/8.1/7
  • A very lightweight utility requires only 100 MB of free hard space to store data
  • A well-suitable choice for all types of users including individual and commercial
  • Unable to provide unstoppable conversion goal without facing downtime or without facing any technical error

Convert Yahoo to Gmail in the Simplest Way

SYSessential Yahoo to Gmail Conversion tool allows you to change your cloud emailing service effortlessly. If you are using Yahoo for a long time and thinking of switching from Yahoo to Gmail, it is an ideal program for you. The program enables fast and accurate data migration. It is a one-stop tool to meet an error-free conversion goal.

Follow These Few Easy Steps to Convert Yahoo to Gmail-

  • Step 1: Download SYSessential Yahoo to Gmail Exporter

  • Step 2: Connect with a particular Yahoo account by providing the credentials

  • Step 3: Connect with a particular Gmail account by providing the credentials

  • Step 4: Advanced filter option to select the date range

  • Step 5: Choose the option to save the exported data or provide the targeted folder manually

  • Step 6: Finally press the tab “Start Uploading Now” to convert data

connect Yahoo to Gmail Preview Yahoo to Gmail

Needs of Yahoo to Gmail Conversion Software

A Windows Application

It is a Windows dominant program that supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. The application has excellent compatibility. The program supports both Windows 32 bit and 64 bit. The prime requirement to run the program on your system is a well-functional Windows OS. Make sure your Windows system has no error and is updated to experience fast conversion.

A Lightweight App

It is a very lightweight program that doesn’t make the system performance slow. It downloads into your system in less than 5 minutes and ready to configure. Before installing the application, confirm that the process is 1 GHz and the memory power is a minimum of 512 MB of RAM. However, we recommend keeping the standard memory of 1 GB and a processor of 2.4 GHz. Keeping 100 MG of free disk space is enough.

No Specific Pre-Requisites

SYSessential Yahoo to Gmail is an independent application. The app doesn’t need pre-installation of any third app to perform the migration job. It is a significant feature of the program. The tool is Windows-specific, so the common requirement is Windows and the second requirement is the activation of the “Run as Administration” program. These are two special pre-requisites to run the program successfully and without any hindrance.

License for All Types of Users

SYSessential Yahoo to Gmail Conversion program has been launched in three suitable formats. After download the free trial version of the app, you can look for its license. If you want to use the program for personal purposes, get the individual license of the app. If you want to use the program for commercial purposes, download the business or enterprise version of the application. The tool has been launched for all types of users to fit their needs.

Exclusive Features of Yahoo to Gmail Conversion Tool


Designed to Convert Yahoo to Gmail

SYSessential Yahoo to Gmail Converter has been designed to convert Yahoo data to Gmail or G Suite. The tool requires users’ credentials to connect with the targeted Yahoo and G Suite account automatically to fetch Yahoo data and save it to G Suite. The tool requires a server connection to connect with the given Yahoo and G Suite accounts.


Convert Specific Yahoo Account Data

SYSessential Yahoo to Gmail Converter gives users full control over its key functions by allowing users to export a specific Yahoo account data. No matter whatever Yahoo account’s data you want to export, it needs the user’s credentials to connect with the following account. Provide the correct Yahoo ID and password to transfer data.


Save Data to a Specific Gmail Account

SYSessential Yahoo to Gmail Conversion program saves the exported data to a specific Gmail or G Suite account. For which, the application needs credentials. Provide the tool with the username and password and press the “Authenticate Me” tab to transfer data. The tool saves the exported data to the specified Gmail account.


Convert Entire or Selective Folders

As we have already mentioned, the program gives users full control over conversion results. It exports each folder of Yahoo to Gmail or specific ones. As the tool connects with the Yahoo account, it shows all folders of the account. Check those folders that you want to export. Thus, the result can customize as per your requirements.


Support Advanced File Filtration

The SYSessential Yahoo to Gmail Exporter has an advanced file filtration feature. After authenticating the Gmail account, check the option “Show Advanced Filtration” to select the date range. It extracts data of the selected date only. This is an incredible feature to get custom results.


Save Data to Specified Folders

With SYSessential Yahoo to Gmail Converter, users get professional support. The tool has two options- merge messages in default folders and enter the target folder. With the enter target folder option, it allows users to save the converted data to the desired folder or sub-folder without losing hierarchy.


Need Server Connection

Since it is a cloud conversion solution, the program needs an uninterrupted server connection to connect with the specific Yahoo and Gmail accounts to convert data. In case, the server connection goes weak during the migration process, the tool puts the conversion process on pause. Users can resume the migration process as the connection comes back.


Generate Preview of Data

SYSessential Yahoo to Gmail Converter program has an additional feature of generating preview. The tool automatically generates a preview of the uploaded Yahoo data. Each email can be previewed separately. The feature gives an assurance that you have selected the targeted Yahoo account.


Retain the Original Properties

SYSessential Yahoo to Gmail Conversion is one of the best applications for data conversion. The tool has been examined for accuracy. Whether you choose to export the entire data of a Yahoo account or a specific folder of the account, the tool keeps the data quality intact. The folder hierarchy remains intact.


An Interactive Program

The application is self-descriptive. It doesn’t demand technical proficiency to convert data. Each tab is self-expressive. Novice can operate the program without technical competency. The program requires users to follow a few easy steps for data migration.


Support All Yahoo & Gmail Account

The program supports conversion of all Yahoo and Gmail account data. In order to convert the data of a specific Yahoo or Gmail account, it needs users’ credentials. As you provide the credentials and click the “Authenticate Me” button, the tool transfers the whole data.


Free Trial for Everyone

Download the free version of the app on your Windows system. The free version of the program lets you practically examine the proficiency of the app. It is the best way to understand how the tool functions and how useful it is for you.

Outstanding features of this Yahoo to Gmail Converter Tool

Technical Overview

SYSessential Yahoo to Gmail is a straightforward app. It is independent. It doesn’t support conversion of a particular Yahoo account to Gmail. The utility exports all emails along with their attachments. Download the free version of the app.

  • Inputs

    Support to export selective Yahoo account data

  • Output

    Support to export Yahoo to Gmail

  • It is a user-friendly application that gives users full control over its key functions and gives accurate conversion results. The tool is functional to meet the requirements of all types of users.

Convert Yahoo to Gmail

Download Yahoo to Gmail Converter Tool

Know Minimum System Specifications to Download & Use the App with Ease

Yahoo to Gmail

Software Download

Size 2.1 MB

Take a Trial -Download the tool to evaluate by application easily Yahoo to Gmail Converter Tool

396 Ratings
Trial Limitations
Use the trial version of Yahoo to Gmail Converter and analyze the working of the software by converting first 10 items per folder. For complete Yahoo mailboxes to Gmail transfer, apply for the license version.


Hard Disk Space 500 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64)

Comparison of Trial & Full Version

Yahoo to Gmail Converter Tool Free & Full Version comparison are given here for users:

Technical Key Features Free Version Full Version
Limitations 10 items Unlimited
No. of Items to be Converted
Migrate Yahoo Emails to Gmail
Migrate Yahoo Emails to G Suite
Support Windows 10/8/7/others
Price Free $69

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