Privacy Policy

We have a simple privacy policy which is created to maintain user’s faith on us. Kindly go through!

What do we keep private?

All your important data you have shared on our site is safe with us. We maintain privacy of your personal information that you share during shopping like name, address, email address etc…

What is the purpose of gathering data?

We use your given data for various purposes like:

Personalizing your experience-

Our site tries to personalize your experience. Your browsing behaviour is noticed to understand you in a better way so that we can make necessary changes in the site appearance.

Improve the Site Functions

When you open our site it lets us know your behaviour. If you have found any problem regarding browsing, we will keep it notice and make necessary changes.

Happy Customer Relationship

Your share data gives us the opportunity to keep you connected with us through newsletters. We ensure to keep you informed about updates and new software launch. We keep you informed about any new discounts and offers. You may be our lucky member to get special discount for this we send you email notification.

Note: Each email you receive from us carries an unsubscribe button. You can click it to stop receiving any mail notification from us.

Is Your Personal Data Safe here?

We are a professional agency. We respect our clients therefore your information is 100% safe here. You don’t need to worry for that. High quality and authorized software is used to keep your personal information intact in our computer.

Can Your Information Sell?

In no circumstances we sell your personal data. No third party can access it without our permission. However, our partner can request us to share your data, it will provide to them only when they maintain strict privacy.


We use cookies to know your behaviour and the number of times you come to our site.

Our Authority

We have the power to make changes in the Privacy Policy keeping the law in mind.

Feel free to contact us to clear your doubts if you have any regarding the policy.