Convert PST file to EML Product
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  • Sysessential for PST to EML exports emails stored in PST files in the EML files supporting email applications such as Thunderbird/Windows Mail/Outlook Express
  • Safely makes email migration
  • Provides complete preview of email, email attachment and so on prior saving the email
  • Support for batch migration as well with the purpose to save client’s time, source, and energy
  • Support all EML file format supporting email applications such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Windows Mail etc
  • Provide facility for making email migration by choice
  • Preserve email data hierarchy for high convenience to users later
  • Runs systematically on all the MS Windows editions
  • The trying of the software prior purchase option is definitely provided via free of cost trial edition

Check Out Features Mentioned Below of PST to EML Converter

Automatic scanning

PST to EML Converter performs automated scanning of PST files into EML file format. This provides an access of the emails and display of the emails in the left pane window. Choose the folders having PST files, load them and view the emails as well as other items. You can also utilize Find option for selecting those PST files which you wanted to export rather than all.

Give Preview of the emails

The software gives facility to acquire preview of the emails generated for easily accessing the items before you make final email data migration.

• Make Email Exportation as well as other Items as per your choice

If you wanted to migrate all the emails from PST file into EML then software can do it for sure. On the contrary, if you have some preferable emails for export then choose those PST files and get done with the migration safely. You are required to follow conversion parameters such as date range, email attachments, subject etc and then move forward with email export process

Proper Arrangement of emails according to email attributes

The most beneficial feature in the software is its potentiality to view the emails as per the preference. You are free of arrange PST emails according to subject, From, To, Folder, Time, Date etc

Safe email migration

The software is completely safe and comparative comfortable to work with as it offers easy user interface while exporting emails from PST file format into EML files. Once migration is done, tool help to access all the emails in EML file supporting email clients such as Thunderbird, Eudora, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, and Outlook Express

Maintains data integrity

Sysessential for PST to EML exports all email items. In fact, it keeps original formatting as it is while making email export process done. The folder hierarchy remains unaltered while making conversion


Free Demonstration edition is like free trial trip that any user can go for. It helps users to test the functioning of the tool and let users access the process to migrate PST files into EML file format. The tool will migrate first 10 emails from Outlook PST into EML. This let catch complete idea of tool actually performs the email migration procedure. Thus, one gets ease of accessing the proper working prior finalizing the tool’s purchase.
Sysessential PST to EML is simple to execute application. The functioning is so easy that even less techie guy won’t come across any hurdles. Thus, look forward to export emails from PST and EML. The procedure is extremely comfortable thus purchase of the software is favorable with a doubt.
Absolutely, software developers were extremely particular when creating the application. They left no stone unturned while creating the application and assuring for maintaining the folder hierarchy as it is. This feature ultimately helpful for users when they access emails into EML file format
PST to EML Converter does not support, one two and three email applications supporting EML file format. In fact tool moves emails from PST files into EML and afterwards, one can access the emails in any of the email client supporting EML file format.
Yes, software has high compatibility with all the Windows OS editions such as Windows Vista, Windows XP and so on. You are not required to come across any hurdles while making a move of emails from PST into EML
Software supports to work with all Microsoft Outlook versions including ANSI and Unicode supporting file formats. Thus before making email export, you are hardly required to take any worries about file formats.
The software goes through easy purchase formality. The payment is easy as well. If you have made up your mind in buying the application to fulfill the need of accessing PST into EML then just look for buying the tool in fully operable mode by going through easy purchase formality. The mode of payment is extremely comfortable as well.
The tool gives ease and reliability to a high extent. The email migration procedure is absolutely reliable and does not affect data in any way. You can’t even troubles like virus attacks etc like scenarios with the tool. It is virus protected application. Install the tool and start using it for fulfilling ultimately email migration need.
The tool is purposely created for migrating emails from PST into EML file format. Being a non-technical guy does not mean that you will be exempted from seeking the benefits of the tool. Just purchase the application and tool will start commencing email export in few easy steps and in an automated way as well.

Client Reviews

Hi, I am Julia Stewart and would like to share my experience with Sysessential for PST to EML Converter. I was in quick need for migrating all the emails from PST files into EML file format and unable to make out what to do. Firstly, I tried using manual method but it was a long process but later I decided for automated application and thus decided for Sysessential for PST to EML. The experimentation with the software was awesome. It migrated every email from Outlook PST to EML file. Surprisingly, the export process got over in few mouse clicks.


I previously thought that email migration process of emails from PST files into EML is tough but Sysessential for PST to EML changed all my thoughts. It has migrated all the data from PST file format into EML with extreme safety. What else a professional wants? The precision with the tool was excellent. In fact, it converted emails in the blink of an eye. I am happy with the functions of the software and want others to buy it soon for fulfilling email conversion needs.

Jerry Mcbray, USA

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