SYSessential TGZ to MBOX Converter

A Simple Yet Advanced App to Convert TGZ Files to MBOX File Format

Zimbra is a free desktop-based email client that stores emails, contacts, and messages. Zimbra saves its data in the TGZ file extension. Users who are looking to open TGZ files with Thunderbird, Entourage, WLM, and any other email clients except Zimbra, have no choice other than the conversion of TGZ files. Manual conversion methods are tricky to follow. Therefore, using a third-party app is the best way. SYSessential TGZ to MBOX Converter is one of the most recommended third-party programs to convert Zimbra to Thunderbird, Zimbra to WLM, Zimbra to Entourage, and Zimbra to Eudora. Unlike manual conversion methods, the conversion tool wraps up the process in three easy manual steps. Furthermore, it doesn’t need pre-installation of Zimbra. The standalone app exports data with high accuracy. No email is modified. No attachment is lost during conversion. It is a reliable application to operate on your Windows system. The compatibility of the app is excellent. Interested users can install the free trial version of the app. It is the best way to assess the capacity of the program closely and then look for its license.

The program has the following features:

  • One of the most recommended applications to convert TGZ to MBOX
  • Capable of exporting all accessible TGZ files with top accuracy and without modifying the original structure
  • Export emails by keeping their properties intact and restore the original hierarchy of a TGZ file
  • Convert the desired TGZ files by supporting the advanced manual file filtration feature
  • The tool automatically displays the uploaded TGZ file data in its preview pane
  • Save the exported data to either a new folder or an existing folder to encourage easy data management
  • Need no technical assistance to export data because of user interactive interface
  • Enable users to achieve the conversion process without stepping into in-depth technical steps
  • A very lightweight program that needs a few MB of storage on your hard drive
  • An easy to install and configure the application with over 99% of easy installation success rate
  • By simplifying the conversion process it saves time and effort for users
  • The license of the program is available in three suitable versions to meet your needs as per your requirements
  • A Windows solution compatible with the latest Windows 10 and other older versions of the OS
  • Offering the free trial version of the app to install to assess the efficacy of the tool closely
  • The license validity of the app is for an unlimited period

TGZ to MBOX Conversion in the Simplest Manner

It is the best application if you are looking to export from Zimbra to Thunderbird/Entourage/WLM/Eudora/Apple Mail. The license of the application gives the opportunity to transfer as many TGZ files as you wish without glitches. It doesn’t need technical skills to operate.

Here are some quick steps to convert TGZ to MBOX with the help of the app-

  • Step 1: Install SYSessential TGZ to MBOX Conversion tool

  • Step 2: Browse to locate a specific TGZ file from local folders

  • Step 3: Get the preview of the uploaded TGZ file

  • Step 4: Select the output location of the MBOX file

  • Step 5: In the end, press the “conversion” button

Browse TGZ Files Complete Preview

Needs of TGZ to MBOX Conversion Software

A Windows Application

This is a Windows tool. In other words, if you are operating Windows OS, the tool can install in your system. The flexible application installs on your Windows 10. If you are using the old version of the OS like Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, or Windows Vista, the application supports all. The tool operates efficiently in Windows with 32 Bit and 64 Bit. Since Windows is the primary need of the app, make sure it has no technical issues and is updated.

A Lightweight Program

The app is very lightweight to install on your Windows system quickly and efficiently. It takes not more than 5 minutes to install. It doesn’t affect the speed of the system. For installation, it needs only 100 MB of free disk space. At the same time, make sure the memory strength is not below 512 MB and the processor is 1 GHz. However, the standard recommendation for memory is 1 GB and 2.4 GHz for the processor.

No Specific Pre-Requisites

It is an independent application for conversion. The tool doesn’t need pre-installation of Zimbra, Thunderbird, or other apps. The standalone quality makes the app advanced and helps to achieve the conversion goal quickly. Manual methods for conversion need pre-installation of Zimbra and other tools to transfer. On the other hand, the third-app converts Zimbra data independently. Activate the “Run As Administrator” function before running the app.

License for Everybody

The license of the program has three suitable versions- Individual, Business, & Enterprise. Each version has the same features. They are different in terms of providing support to systems. If you want to use the app for personal support, the individual version is for you. Business and Enterprise versions are for commercial users. SYSessential aims at meeting the conversion goal of everyone by providing three suitable versions.

Primary Features of TGZ to MBOX Converter


A Conversion Solution

SYSessential TGZ to MBOX is a straightforward program. It specializes in the conversion of TGZ files to MBOX. Only accessible or healthy TGZ files are exported by the program. It gives users the independence to export TGZ files of their choice to get the desired results.


Excellent Compatibility

The compatibility of the app is excellent. Users can operate the solution on the latest Windows 10 and the older versions of the OS. Moreover, the exported data is accessible with Eudora, Entourage, WLM, Thunderbird, and several other platforms of Windows, Mac, and Linux. The conversion solution is flexible and easy to operate.


Advanced-Data Filtration

In order to provide the desired results, the tool exports only specified TGZ files. In other words, the program exports the data of Zimbra files that you wish. It has a browse tab to browse any local folder including main folders or sub-folders to locate and upload the particular TGZ file for conversion.


Export Entire Folders of TGZ

A TGZ file holds multiple folders including Inbox, Outbox, Draft, Journal, and Contact. The utility exports the items of all folders to accomplish conversion successfully. In other words, it helps to meet the complete conversion goal. Hence, users can expect to get accurate results.


Custom Conversion Support

The program has been designed to perform the custom conversion. It means only selective folders of a TGZ file are exported instead of entire folders. As mentioned above, a TGZ file holds multiple folders like Inbox, Outbox, Saved, Draft, etc. Users can mark those folders that they want to export. Hence, advanced filtration support is offered by the app.


Customize the Output Storage

When it comes to export TGZ files to MBOX, the tool gives users two options to save the data. The program saves the exported TGZ file to a single MBOX file. The program can save the exported TGZ file to various separate files of MBOX. Choose a suitable option to save the exported data.


A User-Friendly Solution

The application is user-friendly. It means users can operate the program independently because of its interactive interface. Each tab is self-descriptive, telling its role in conversion. Users face no confusion to install and run the program independently. It is a lightweight application to install with just a few clicks.


Restore Data Quality

No manual conversion methods give an assurance of high-quality conversion results. But SYSessential TGZ to MBOX Converter is a reliable program. It has come across rigorous quality assessments to prove its accuracy. During conversion, it restores emails with attachments. All email properties are exported without losing single information.


Generate Preview of Data

The conversion program supports a preview pane. It is an additional feature in the program. The preview pane features all folders and items of each folder of the uploaded TGZ file. The best thing is that the data of each item can be previewed separately by the application.


Lifetime License Validity

The license of the application is valid for the duration as long as users want. In other words, whether you have the license of the Individual version, Business, or Enterprise, the validity of the license is not going to be over. You are free to use the app as much as you want.


Doesn’t Hamper Work Productivity

One of the best things about the application is that it saves the time and effort you put into conversion manually. The app makes the conversion process short and easy to follow. It needs three major manual steps to transfer data successfully. Hence, the work productivity is retained by the app.


Get Ready for Free Trial

We request every interested user of the app to download the free version that is valid for 30 days. It is the best way to practically analyze the performance of the app. You can assess how the tool is performing and whether it can fulfill your conversion goal.

Outstanding features of this TGZ to MBOX Converter Tool

Technical Overview

SYSessential TGZ to MBOX Converter is a straightforward conversion solution. The license of the application is available for individual users as well as commercial users to fit their needs. It is a user-interactive program for data conversion and is recommended to get accurate results.

  • Inputs

    Support to Export TGZ or Zimbra files

  • Output

    Access Zimbra files with Eudora, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, WLM, Entourage, and several other platforms

  • No manual conversion methods give an assurance of high-quality conversion. Moreover, they are tricky to follow. With SYSessential TGZ to MBOX Converter, you can achieve the desire results without losing single data.

Select Export Option

Download TGZ to MBOX Converter Tool

Know Minimum System Specifications to Download & Use the App with Ease


Software Download

Size 2.1 MB

Take a Trial -Download the tool to evaluate by application easily TGZ to MBOX Converter

402 Ratings
Trial Limitations
Download the trial version first before you invest in TGZ to MBOX Converter. The demo version allows users to convert first 10 items per folder. To export all Zimbra TGZ data to MBOX, invest in the license version.


Hard Disk Space 500 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64)

Comparison of Trial & Full Version

TGZ to MBOX Converter Tool Free & Full Version comparison are given here for users:

Technical Key Features Free Version Full Version
Limitations 10 items Unlimited
Convert Zimbra to Outlook PST
Convert Contacts into Vcard Format
Convert Calendars into ICS Format
Support all Outlook Versions
Support Windows 10/8/7/others
Price Free $99

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