Convert TGZ file to NSF Product
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Sysessential for TGZ to NSF Converter is an excellent utility for those who wants to migrate Zimbra data into IMB Lotus Notes.

  • Email Migration performed along with email attachments
  • Easy to implement process without causing any hurdles
  • Ensure for maintaining email properties and metadata information while making a move of emails from TGZ into NSF file format of Lotus Notes
  • Export calendar entries in a separate folder
  • Keep data in a systematic order for avoiding any sort of hassles and complexities
  • Folder Hierarchy is maintained as well
  • Carry out data export without affecting data integrity at any point
  • Batch data migration supported for avoiding any complications
  • Folder Structure is fully maintained
  • Retains folder structure while saving TGZ emails into NSF file format
  • Support all Windows editions

TGZ to NSF Converter Striking Features full Explained

Safe way to migrate Bulk email data

One of most prominent things in the application is its support for safe data migration. The tool converts complete data such as contacts, emails, calendars, etc into NSF file format. Every detail is moved into NSF file format in a complete safe way.

Easy Purchase Process

In order to make purchase of the application, client is required to get all details from the customer care team. They will make you aware how software purchase is possible. Gain info such as software’s cost and payment option also defined in a systematic way.

Choice for selective data Migration

If user does not want to migrate complete data from Zimbra into Lotus Notes then make a choice of data. Choose only those files that user wants to access in Lotus Notes. This is a time saving option.

Support for maintaining email properties

Software offers an opportunity to maintain metadata properties along with all email attributes. Automated solution ensure for preserving the email attributes specifically email header, sender name, receiver name, and other info. It is also ensures that folders such as Inbox, Sent Emails, Outbox, Drafts, Contacts also get converted into NSF file format in a safe way

Confirmation for complete data Migration

The application supports carrying out comprehensive data export without causing any sort of data loss. Batch data migration does not affect data integrity at all. Software assures that no single data remain left from migration.

Worth Freeware Demo Run

The download of freeware demonstration run will show the working of the software and help in acknowledging the features. There will be migration of first 10 emails per items, which will clear out the functioning process.

Maintains folder structure

It is always ensures that folder structure is not altered. It is comfortable for users to access folders such as newly defined folders, sub folders, predefined folders etc get migrated into NSF file format. Overall, original formatting remains same even after migration.


The functionalities of the tool are automated and at the same time complex-free. This is why a non-technical won’t face any hurdles while running the application.
Software runs on simple process. It uses easy to operate steps and carry out simple steps. It is always ensures that simple process is utilized so that no hurdles ever come across.
By downloading freeware demonstration run, you will find comfortable to run the software tool in free mode. Test the functionalities closely and catch the ways to migrate emails from TGZ emails into NSF file format. Also, free trial edition show the features used via application. Watch the conversion of first 10 emails per item from TGZ into NSF file format.
If your TGZ files are very large in number, then also tool performs migration in a safe way. There is hardly any need to lose hope. It is a strong email migration solution meant for large sized files.
Sysessential always create user-friendly interface. In the phase where bulk data migration is involved, there tool performs quick conversion. It takes few minutes in the completion of comprehensive data migration.
The application is an ultimately safe to use application. You can use it when you have TGZ emails for moving into NSF file format. The tool is complete and safe in the sense that it is fully protective from causing issues like virus, malware problems and so many more.

Client Reviews

I am inclined to IBM® Lotus Notes email application because of excellence in features. But before switching onto Notes, it is not worthy to leave my emails into Zimbra. I want those emails at any cost. This is why I decided for buying some professional tool in this regard. Sysessential for TGZ to NSF Converter supports performing emails in a safe and quick manner. I liked the application very much because it is time saver and money saver both.

Tisca Charles, Hongkong


An unfortunate shift to Lotus Notes created confusion in our organization last week. Thank God Sysessential for TGZ to NSF Converter is there. It has migrated bulk emails from Zimbra into newly shifted Lotus Notes email application. I found the application to be full of excellence. It is so fast to run that bulk email migration is done in few minutes only. We were all surprised over its performance. Lastly, everyone appreciated me for choosing Sysessential for TGZ to NSF Converter application.

Amy Maragaret, Manchester

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