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SYSessential VCF Export Import

A User-Friendly Dual Task Performer, Export and Import VCF Files

SYSessential VCF Export Import is one stop application to export and import VCF file data. The tool is capable of exporting all Outlook contacts to VCF and all VCF contacts to Outlook. So, you don’t need to look for other programs when it comes to exporting and importing MS Outlook data from VCF. The dual task performer is capable of providing desired results to users. It is compatible to convert all contact details along with images and audio clips. Unlike manual ways that make export and import tasks difficult, SYSessential VCF Export Import tool makes it easy, fast and quick. No third party assistance it requires to convert data, not even MS Outlook installation is required to transfer data. The program is self-descriptive and supports all Windows versions. It is a straightforward solution to export or import VCF file data. At SYSessential, you will get a remarkable support to export or import VCF. The product delivery is on the same day you have ordered it. Get ready to experience the world-class export and import solution.

The program has the following features:

  • A simple and interactive application to make the export and import process faster than manual conversion methods
  • Converts only required PST file data to VCF or required VCF file data to PST
  • Import data from PST file of any size or export any size of v-card file to PST at fast speed and with top accuracy
  • Give users an assurance of high-quality data export and import
  • Exports all contact details with name, address, phone number, image, and fax details
  • Customize the import process by letting users to select the targeted directory
  • Support export of MS Outlook files of any version
  • An easy to configure and install app, requires no technical competency
  • A Windows application support all the latest and older versions of the operating systems
  • An independent application, needs no prior installation of MS Outlook to export data
  • Available for both individual and commercial users to export and import data
  • Free trial of the application is available to install on your Windows system
  • Validity of the license is for indefinite period or as long as you want
  • Enables export and import of data in a few easy steps, needs no technical assistance to transfer data

Export Import VCF Data in the Simplest Way

SYSessential vCard Export Import is a sophisticated application to make the export and import process easy, fast and accurate. The lightweight app facilitates the export or import process without installation of MS Outlook. It gives users the simplest way to convert data. Try the free version of the app to evaluate its key efficiencies.

Follow These Steps to Perform Export or Import of VCF Data

  • Step 1: Download SYSessential VCF Export Import program

  • Step 2: Launch the app and then select a PST file or V-Card folder

  • Step 3: Select the output location according to your desire

  • Step 4: For v-card to PST, check an option to save data (new PST or existing PST)

  • Step 5: Set the output location of your converted data

  • Step 6: Finally, press the export Outlook Contacts or Import vCard tab

Select Vcard File Import Vcard to Outlook

Needs for VCF Export Import Software

A Windows Application

It is a significant program for Windows users, supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP (32 plus 64 bit). The application is comfortable to run on Windows system if the system is updated and running properly. Before installation of the app, make sure the OS has no error and is updated to experience the best export and import results.

A Lightweight Tool

It is a very lightweight application, occupies a few MB of data storage on the hard drive of your system. Before installation of the app, confirm that processor is at least 1 GHz, however 2.4 GHz is recommended. Memory power of your system must not fall less than 512 MB RAM, but the recommendation is 1 GB. The hard disk must have 100 MB of free space to run and store data.

No Specific Pre-Requisites

SYSessential VCF Export Import is one of the best applications to mitigate the export and import process of essential contacts of MS Outlook. The app doesn’t need any specific tools to accomplish the export or import process. In other words, it is an independent Windows application that needs you to launch the “Run As Administrator”command to meet with your goal. You will have to ensure about only a few simple requirements to run the application.

Easy to Install

Installation of SYSessential VCF Export Import application is easy. It doesn’t require technical skills. Your basic computer skills are enough. After downloading the application, follow a few simple instructions of installation of the app. As you double click the icon of the app, it lets you to follow a few easy installation steps. Checked the license agreement and create a desktop icon to run the app on your desktop conveniently.

Exclusive Features of VCF Export Import Tool


An Easy-To-Use Application

SYSessential VCF Export Import program makes export or import process of Outlook data so easy to perform singlehandedly. The tool is lightweight and needs no technical assistance to operate. The windows are self-descriptive. It needs just three or four steps to accomplish export or import process. It doesn’t need MS Outlook installation to export/import data.


Performs Dual Tasks

SYSessential VCF Export Import application performs dual tasks. It allows users to export from MS Outlook to VCF and Import from VCF to MS Outlook. The tool performs one task at a time. It has two tabs- Export and Import. Click on the Export tab to export PST to VCF or Click on import tab to import from VCF to PST.


Export PST to vCard

The sophisticated application is capable of exporting PST contact data to vCard. Unlike manual conversion where only one file can be selected to export, the utility allows users to select single or multiple PST files to convert to VCF file format. Thus, it increases the speed of export 100 times faster than manual conversion methods.


Import vCard to PST

With SYSessential V-Card Export Import tool, users can able to import specific vCard data to PST. The utility is capable of importing a v-Card file holding single or multiple contacts. The Browse feature of the application allows users to filter specific VCF files from locally saved data. The file size doesn’t matter.


Advanced Filtration for PST

The export import tool supports advanced data filtration support. It allows users to select PST files of their choice to extract contacts. Once the file is selected, the tool permits users to extract entire contacts from PST or select a specific folder to extract contact information. Thus, the results can customize.


Accessing Contacts on Multiple Platforms

With SYSessential VCF Export Import program, after exporting PST contacts to VCF, users can able to access MS Outlook contact information on various platforms because VCF is compatible with Text Editor, Microsoft Windows contacts, MS Outlook 365, Palm Desktop, Beiley Handy Address Book, vCard Organizer, Nokia PC Suite, Apple Contacts, Palm Desktop, V-Card Explorer, iPad, Android and more.


Saves VCF in New or Existing PST

With SYSessential VCF Exporter Importer, users are allowed to save the VCF data the way they like. After importing VCF files, the tool saves the imported data to a new MS Outlook PST file or an existing PST file. It all depends on users how they want to manage data.


Give Users Full Control on Results

The export import tool gives users 100% control on results by exporting or importing only user’s specified data. It gives users the complete freedom to select specific PST or VCF file data through advanced filtration feature. Thus, results can customize or personalize each time to get the desired results.


Moves All Contact Fields

SYSessential VCF Export Import is an excellent tool to rely on. It exports or imports contacts with all its fields intact. The tool exports names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, images, and audio clips without modifying its original data. All numbers, alphabet characters and symbols are exported in a safe environment.


A Highly Compatible Application

SYSessental VCF Export Import is a high compatible application. Its excellent compatibility supports Wins 10, 8, 7, and other older versions of the OS. It also supports MS Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. It is compatible with all VCF versions.


Unlimited License Validity

The license validity of the tool is for an unlimited duration. You can use the app as long as you desire. Whether you have the individual version or commercial, the application is not going to expire anytime soon. It helps to meet unlimited export and import goals.


Free Trial for Everyone

Free trial of the advanced application is available to install on your Windows. The free version is one of the best ways to examine the key efficiency of the application. The free trial version is an excellent way to learn how much valuable the application is for you.

Outstanding features of this VCF Export Import Tool

Technical Overview

If you have a desire to get an excellent conversion results, don’t step back. Get the license of the application. The conversion program is comfortable to use on various Windows OS and is suitable to extract data of MS Outlook regardless of the version you are using.

  • Inputs

    Convert PST files saved in Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. Export VCF files of any version or size

  • Output

    Give users an accurate conversion assurance by exporting Outlook to VCF and importing VCF to Outlook

  • It is a user friendly application that is light in weight and easy to use. At SYSessential, users will get an assurance of accurate data export and import.

Import Vcard to Outlook

Download Vcard Export Import Tool

Know Minimum System Specifications to Download & Use the App with Ease

Vcard Export Import

Software Download

Size 2.1 MB

Take a Trial -Download the tool to evaluate by application easily export VCF Tool.

250 Ratings
Trial Limitations
Use the demo version of VCF Export Import Software and import/export first 25 items. Once you have license keys with you, you can avail all benefits of the software.


Hard Disk Space 500 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64)

Comparison of Trial & Full Version

VCF Export Import tool Free & Full Version comparison are given here for users:

Technical Key Features Free Version Full Version
Limitations 10 items Unlimited
Import Bulk VCF (vCard) into PST File
Import & Export with New or Existing PST File
Export VCF from Outlook PST File
Support ANSI & Unicode Outlook File
Support Outlook 2016/13 & Other
Support Plain Text, RTF & HTML Formats
Support Windows 10/8/7/others
Price Free $29

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